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Monday, June 8, 2009

There's another Mexican-deli-thats-also-a-taqueria in town: meet La Rosita

After picking up some baked goods at the Sullivan St bakery, we wanted a cold beverage and went across the street to a deli called La Rosita to pick one up. To my most delighted surprise in the back of this nondescript deli was a window selling Mexican food, a la Tehuitzingo.

The menu includes breakfast items, tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, tortas, and some main dish meat/chicken/fish platters. Prices are what you would expect to see in Jackson Heights; this was the first time I had seen a taco in Manhattan for exactly $2. (Over at Tehuitzingo a few blocks over tacos run from $2.50- $2.75)

I ordered a chorizo taco to assess the quality of their tiny kitchen. It was the double tortilla savory taco that you would hope to receive, with ample meat, fresh radish, cilantro, onion, with a lime and hot sauce on the side. And they did not skimp on the meat.

I had to return the next day to feel out the rest of the food there.

For $3 the breakfast burrito is an excellent option in the morning, though they serve it all day.

It comes with cheese, egg, onion, and your choice of meat- the sausage was a few steps up from the typical breakfast sausage patty found at most delis and I bet they would substitute any of the other non-breakfast meats on their menu.

Their sope might be the best deal of the house. A huge crispy tortilla is piled with meat (I chose shredded chicken, which aside from a few pieces of fat was delectable), lettuce, onion, radish, and topped with cotija cheese. I could not finish it all in one sitting. At $2.50 that is as cheap as it gets.

Another chicken dish was also quite successful. The chicken fajita was expertly stuffed with oozy cheese, onion, and tomato. The chicken was blackened to perfection.

Though not on the menu, I ordered a taco al pastor, and it was good but not as good as the chorizo taco and did not include any pineapple.

The one big fail was the chicharron con salsa verde taco. I was expected crispy skin but it felt more like warm raw pig skin. I threw the meat out and just ate the taco with the rice and fixings.

I also got a side order of freshly made guacamole. It was a full coffee cup and well worth the $3.00 (though listed on the menu as $1.50)

They offer occasional specials of tamales, pancita de res, and pozole.

La Rosita sells the expected Mexican deli fare: avocado, cheese, eggs, canned chipotle peppers, candy, beans, spicy chips, Goya
seasonings, juices, beer, etc. I was particularly intrigued by the 32 oz Blue Moon, I haven't seen that anywhere else.
I also bought a bag of Kranky on a whim, which ended up being awesome- chocolate malt covered rice krispies, a perfect snack or ice cream topping.

While you wait for the food (it can take a while) you can page through the People en Espanol magazines located under one of the potato chip displays.

The deli has been offering food for over 10 years. They have a generous delivery area (basically 33rd st to 60th st between 5th ave and 12th) and no minimum delivery amount.

526 W 47th St

212 -397 -1137
718- 578- 5811
718- 578 -5679