[yiddish] To eat like an animal, i.e., quickly, noisily, and in great quantity.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Breakfast Torta

The food cart on the corner of 33th and 9th has always been a quick, cheap source for breakfast. The staff inside this little cart are so sweet. Recently they added a very exciting new item to the standard eggcheesesausageonaroll type of offering- breakfast tortas! For $3.50 chorizo is scrambled with egg and put on a roll. The cart people get this legit sausage from a Mexican guy in Brooklyn. The chorizo is not very spicy, which I suppose is appropriate for breakfast and they do offer jalepeno sauce if you like a.m. heartburn. Its a delicious alternative to stringy bacon or gristly breakfast sausage. The cart people have seen a huge response to this sandwich, so hopefully it will stick around for a while. The cart also offers deli meat sandwiches but closes up shop at noon each day.