[yiddish] To eat like an animal, i.e., quickly, noisily, and in great quantity.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Breakfast Torta

The food cart on the corner of 33th and 9th has always been a quick, cheap source for breakfast. The staff inside this little cart are so sweet. Recently they added a very exciting new item to the standard eggcheesesausageonaroll type of offering- breakfast tortas! For $3.50 chorizo is scrambled with egg and put on a roll. The cart people get this legit sausage from a Mexican guy in Brooklyn. The chorizo is not very spicy, which I suppose is appropriate for breakfast and they do offer jalepeno sauce if you like a.m. heartburn. Its a delicious alternative to stringy bacon or gristly breakfast sausage. The cart people have seen a huge response to this sandwich, so hopefully it will stick around for a while. The cart also offers deli meat sandwiches but closes up shop at noon each day.


  1. That looks delicious, though one has to wonder why they didn't just do the natural thing and wrap it up in a tortilla? I might have to try that for breakfast on some walk to work someday and close the door, roll around, and moan in my office afterwards. I'm not sure I'm willing to call it a torta, since a torta should really be on a bolillo roll. I feel "torta" is used too often in the Northeast to refer to any generic Mexican sandwich. But then again most of the Mexican food up here is ultimately pretty bolillo (slang term used in some parts of Latin America and the United States to refer to members of the Caucasian race, similar to gringo). Some other Mexican slang that might interest you:

    I have really enjoyed what I've seen of your blog so far (I'm one of many who linked through Midtown Lunch). You really don't limit yourself in terms of cuisine, and I have to congratulate both your knowledge and adventurousness. Have you always been such an eating-explorer? An... eat-plorer? Those White Bear Dumplings you posted awhile back could be the most appetizing thing I've ever seen pictured. Is there anywhere you get your tips on where to eat out in Flushing? It sounds like you're going to law school, have you ever considered going abroad to China to study? I did a program there in the summer after my 1L year that I'd really recommend.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. Keep up my appetite and keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for commenting porkchop. I am kinda glad it didn't come in a tortilla; there was no cheese and it could have come out dry. I think I might have imposed the name "torta" on this breakfast. I'm sure you can forgive me for it.

    Its true that there is no rhyme or reason to the places I eat. I like to try everything as long as it smells good. Its safe to say that I have always been like this-growing up in Queens and being raised by parents who love all cuisines. White Bear is the shiznit and so pretty- just went there again on Sunday. My Flushing tips come from eating there my whole life along with reading up on seriouseatsny and chowhound. The thought of studying abroad in China or Japan while in law school actually has crossed my mind... I'd love to actually know how order in Chinese in a complete sentence! Will I actually be able to learn and focus on law though?

    I will do my very best to keep up your appetite.

  3. All tortured uses of torta are forgiven. I guess it sounds a lot better than "un sandwich". I think I'd still rather have the tortilla though. It wont be dry if served with a deep-flavored homemade salsa. But that's really dreaming, isn't it? Texas is the only place I know that does breakfast tacos in lieu of breakfast burritos, and the chorizo and egg version is a quite popular variant. Sometimes they'll cover it with that orange cheese the color of a coastguard lifejacket, but not always, and they're pretty good either way.

    As for Flushing, can you suggest a Malaysian place? I've heard good things about Sentosa from similar sources, but wonder if it's worth the hike?

    I wont shanghai your blog to write an essay about why I'd personally study in China before Japan (but once you've had your hundredth takoyaki, your appetite may just be for someone who can have extended eye contact). I will say that the program I participated in didn't dwell on the "goat rodeo" which is Chinese law. However, on a tour of a court house I did get to see the unsettling little cage where defendants stand during criminal trials. While there were substantive components to the course, it focused more heavily on the cultural challenges of practicing law in China. Unlike most law school courses it was both useful and interesting. It was also great to get a few credits under your belt so you get to take a lighter load during the calendar year. As for my Mandarin, I learned how to say "bu hao," which pretty much sums up my language skills. Let me know if you have more questions.

    Congrats on another Midtown Lunch linkage.

  4. Went by there today and the sign for the sandwich is gone! Maybe they just need more chorizo and the sign will be back up tomorrow. You are right - the sandwich is a great way to start off the morning.

  5. @anonymous- make sure you ask! just because the sign isn't up doesn't mean they don't have them.

    @porkchop- I have thought about checking out Sentosa, but I have a good Malaysian place near where I live, so when I head out to Flushing, its Chinese or bust.
    Also, I don't know if I could afford a summer semester. I'll have to feel out if a semester abroad is a smart move.

  6. Asked this am - and they said the chorizo is back tomorrow - now three days per week.

    They also asked that you stop by and introduce yourself!

    signed - another person working in the same building on the corner of nowhere and windy