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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ponty Bistro: early bird sick deal

I know its almost an impossible task, but if you get to the french-african influenced Ponty Bistro before 7:00 a 3 course meal is $20. Appetizer, entree, and dessert for twenty dollars! Any day of the week, this is for real people. Powerful martinis run $5. I made sure to take advantage of that.

I found out about this place through my mom, who is always right about everything. She recommended the mussels as the appetizer. They came in a rich broth with tomato and lemongrass.
The hanger steak entree was cooked to my liking, not at all bloody and with a great charred crust. The crispy side of potatoes also did not disappoint. I ordered the creme brulee and was pretty certain it would be forgettable.

Could a $20 prix fix really go 3 for 3 with spot on dishes? And yet they did.

The brulee had the right amount of sweetness and they even took the time to sprinkle on some powdered sugar and a strawberry. The space is filled with color and art and the big windows were kept open when the weather is nice. Our waitress was sweet; she there when we needed her and left us be when we didn't. This is an almost too good to believe deal up in here. So if you can bare the idea of dinner while the sun is still up, listen to my mom and get over there.

218 3rd Ave

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  1. I applaud the fact that you actually ate there. I have come close a couple of times, but on both occasions have turned away at the last second because we would have been the only table in there. Were there any other tables dining while you were there? I fear for Ponty's longevity (though I guess not enough to cross the threshold)!