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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boston Trip: Seafood and French Food

For breakfast on our second day of traveling in Boston, I wanted something well balanced and nutritious to start my day... clam chowder. I walked down the waterfront to James Hook & Company. Their clam chowder was completely loaded with clams, no excessive filler here, this was the real deal. We also took back some delicious lobster salad for a snack later on. This is the perfect little seafood shack with the freshest seafood to eat on the spot or take home to cook up. Eight pound lobsters maybe?

15-17 Northern Ave
Boston, MA 02228

Later we took shelter from the rain at Ye Olde Union Oyster House, a place we have frequented before on visits.
We shared more clam chowder which was very flavorful but not as clam-filled as James Hook. The seafood chowder here did not have as much flavor, much better off sticking with the clam version. We enjoyed a side of baked beans. I was very pleased with my order of steamers, fresh with the right amount of briny taste. Besides the fish chowder, I would recommend all the dishes we tried. Service can be mixed here, on this visit our waitress was a big grump, but I do remember have pleasant waitresses on past trips.

41 Union Street
Boston, MA 02108

For a change of pace we went to Brasserie Jo for dinner located in the Colonnade Hotel. (Warning: the valet parking costs a fortune!) Marinated carrots were served at the table and refilled. Our Senegalese waiter was utterly charming. For an appetizer we ordered the sizzling hot and tender escargot, served traditionally with loads of garlic.

I loved my duck confit, the skin was crisp and the flesh was succulent; the dish was completed with came lentils and salad. The massive braised lamb shank, delicate but satisfying salad nicoise, and the decadent strip steak with bearnaise sauce also impressed us. Unfortunately the restaurant was out of the fish special of the day, despite this we loved our choices. We gobbled the fluffy "floating island" dessert, the lightest meringue with almonds and a vanilla creme sauce. Besides that pesky extra parking fee, the prices of the main dishes were reasonable. We were pleasantly surprised by this French brasserie.

120 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02116

And before I left I made Tracey take me to have some J.P. Licks ice cream! They have such a creative selection. Yummy!

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