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Monday, April 13, 2009

Flavor Tripping

So we finally got our hands on the "miracle fruit" tablets. I was really hoping to get the actual berry, but that was not in the cards. Little sister brought home some tablets so we could experience them as a family. Dad was adorable and set up little ramekins of fruit and other foods to try out. We also put out all the sauces in our cabinets. We let the tablets dissolve in our mouths and it left an odd taste. I was afraid that it was not going to work, that my hopes and dreams of tricking my taste buds would never be realized, luckily I was wrong. You gotta go for the bitter/spicy/sour/alcoholic to get the full affect.

Our favorite items:
limes tastes sweet
spicy szechuan leftovers tasted like chicken soup
strawberries dipped in very very low fat cream cheese tasted like cheesecake
mixed alcoholic drinks- the alcohol was barely discernible (that could get dangerous, luckily this was a family event)

Very fun little experiment, I certainly recommend ordering some tablets online and saving them for a rainy day.

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