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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hyo Dong Gak: You will love these noodles, I promise

I was craving noodles in brown sauce (jajangmyun) so I took some coworkers here to experience it. I chose this place after reading positive yelp reviews. I would not chose this place walking by if I didn't know about it.
We definitely got the white people treatment so that subtracts a star. We were given a different menu and had to request the other menu that had the noodles we wanted on it. Also they didn't give us kimchee and pickled turnip until I asked for it, though every other table received it after being seated.
This barely dampened our lunch experience. We had no problem seating our 7 person group at lunch time. The large portions of savory noodles were loved by everyone who took my advice and ordered it. Note that the menu lists the dish as noodle with brown sauce or special noodle with brown sauce which is a dollar more. Apparently the special version is more fresh so we went with that one. Perfect, cheap, satisfying, crowd pleasing meal.

51 W 35th St Frnt

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