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Monday, May 4, 2009

Carmine's: not just for tourists

Sometimes you have to say screw you to the road less traveled. A group of 8 of us headed to Carmine's for a birthday celebration. We were in the mood for big portions and looked forward to conquering the giant platters. We were promptly seated for our 8 oclock reservation. Carmine's does a good job at acommodating large groups and it was easy to snag our Friday reservation. Service was Speedy Gonzalez as I am sure would be important to help their table turnover.  We ordered a few bottles of reasonably priced and reasonable tasting red wine. To start we kept it simple and got the caesar salad and fried calamari, you can't go wrong there.  Had to get the salad to ensure some vitamins and minerals in the meal, yea right- that thing was covered in dressing and packing the calories. Its almost embarrassing how much I liked both the salad and the calamari. We had the penne a la vodka, veal saltimbucca, and the chicken special of the day. I am guessing the secret behind everything being tasty is vats of butter.  I think we did a good job at ordering here, we got a variety of flavors and were too stuffed for dessert. You better believe the small amount of leftovers made an ideal late night post-drinking snack. 

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