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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nobody loves a generic deli, but everyone loves 1/2 off

My coworker Rachel pointed out the exciting news: for the grand opening of Bistro Market Place on 34th between 8th and 9th most food items are 50% off, helllll yea. Coupons were handed out in advance but it did not appear that we needed them. The place was packed but the staff did a good job at keeping things moving. The made to order stations include breakfast items, pizza, sandwiches/panini, salad, and sushi/udon. Over at the by- the- pound tables in the middle, I was impressed by the selection. I picked up mac n cheese, fried calamari, stuffed mushrooms, brussel sprouts, corned beef, an avocado slice, a marinated artichoke, marsala mushrooms, tempura shrimp, and a pierogi (that had no filling, fail). I was pretty happy with most things, including the shrimp and corned beef. The fresh squeezed juice bar is also part of the deal; I indulged with a large carrot/mango/raspberry juice, which I believe would have cost me $3.50. For later on, I ordered an italian combo, normally priced at $6.25. In total, all my food was under $11. The deal lasts until Friday and I plan on coming back. I would considering returning after the deal is over... maybe, the by-the-pound options are more fresh and appealing than many out there, but at over $7 p/pound, that is going to add up fast. 

See look, nothing inside :-(
Nice shrimp though

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