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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Revisiting 6th Ave Taj Delhi Chaat

Its been almost a year since I last ate at the 6th Ave News stand.

The layout is always changing; currently the news/lotto stand is to the left when you enter and pizza is sold on the right side. In the back the food tables are ordered from left to right respectively: Taj Halal steam table /Chaat in the corner/Vegetarian steam table/Spanish steam table.

I ordered the #4 Aloo Chaat which has chickpeas and potato along with the crispy noodle shreds, onion, cilantro, yogurt, tamarind sauce, and spicy sauce. The guy making it is pretty slow and had trouble understanding me AND worst of all, he let a more middle eastern looking customer cut in front of me. I do prefer that my meals be made with love but I can let it slide, after all its $4.99 for a huge tin of flavors that I love. I finished about half of that serving; the potatoes and chickpeas make for a very very filling dish. So my lunch total was actually $2.50, I like this fact very much.

The #19 was a bit different, a curried veggie mush with bread on the side, it tasted great but was not the typical chopped mix we were expecting

Over at the Halal steam table there were various rice and curried meat options. $7 gets you a choice of meat, your choice of rice, savory potatoes, a soup thing, and a not so great chapatti. It comes in a sectioned off plastic container that you will want to reuse.

The curried goat and chicken marsala were both tender and flavorful. Neither were overwhelmingly spicy; my memories of the vegetarian food last year are of needing many glasses of water to temper the heat. Perhaps the veg section is still like this, we did not sample from that steam table, it would not behoove me to choose the squash and beans (as delicious as they were) when the curried meat and chaat looks this good.

Its probably a good thing that this place is so far from my office, otherwise I would spend way too many lunches eating here.

1013 6th Ave.


  1. I like the picture of NYLAG-ers chowing down

  2. oh OH. my coworker and i plan to hit this place some time next week.

  3. I finally made it here for lunch the other week, thankfully the day before it got mentioned in that Times article. It was pretty tasty. I got the veg thali with chopped greenery, green mush, and some sort of yellow liquid with sediment. It may have given me the worst Delhi-Belly of my life. I'm not complaining, I think I did it to myself. I ate all the chili pickle and was sweating like a whore in church in my office, dripping all over my papers at work.

    You mention the guys working were slow. I thought they might have lobotomies. With their drawn faces and languid shuffle you might think they're Indian zombies, but as it turns out Indian zombies are pretty spry. Who knew?