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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Momos To Go: Namaste in Jackson Heights

After landing in LaGuardia airport I took a bus right to Jackson Heights for my first meal back in the states. Wondering around with my suitcase and hammock I passed on all of the tempting Latin American restaurants that I love, being that I had just eaten food of that genre for two weeks. Luckily, I saw a sign for momos. Himilayan food was the perfect choice.

The first section of this establishment, which I believe is called Merit Kebab Palace, looked like an Indian steam table. I passed on that and headed to the back.

I ordered the chicken momos and alu achar, both were brought out to me quickly.

As much as I enjoyed the meaty momos, I couldn't help thinking that for the price ($6) I could have gotten triple the amount of dough wrapped meat in Flushing...

The alu achar, spicy potatos, were a vibrant heat-packing side dish. The cilantro cut the spice enough to make this a nice summer dish.

I would love to return here with more people, so I can try out more of their dishes here.

37-67 74th Street

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  1. Girl,
    Please go into more detail about the foods you blog about. Taste..colors..textures..flavors..scents,etc.