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Friday, February 6, 2009

Convivio Restaurant: The Family Does Restaurant Week

I made a restaurant week reservation for the family here. The fam ordered some sfizi appetizers (while they were waiting for me to run from Grand Central and find the damn place {tucked into a building with a small outdoor area separating it from the street})- spectacular olives and a delicious tiny portion of risotto cakes. Convivio serves a mix of people in a classy, modern space. Our waiter was very attentive and personable. Their bread was good and hearty. Although they poured it way too quickly, we had an amazing bottle of wine, picked by the sommelier who looked about 16.
My dad's duck sausage app was really really tasty; I wish it came with more sausage pieces so I could have stolen more. The eggplant and mushrooms in my mom's sfezi mix had tons of flavor. The bread soup appetizer that my sister and I had was very good, but tasted like a soup I had made recently, so I wasn't as impressed. For a main course, I was happy with the pork shoulder and polenta. The orrechiete came with an impressive sauce. And my dad sang praises about his fish dish.
Dessert were cannolis ands ice cream that I enjoyed, even though I am not a big cannoli fan, and an ice cream espresso thing that I am sure would be delicious if you don't despise the taste of coffee as I do.
Tudor City is such a crazy little neighborhood. With the soft snow falling down over the tall buildings and courtyards, and the water in the background, it was pretty magical- at least until the windchill made us run for the car. All in all I feel that the service and ambiance was a little better than the food, though the restaurant week menu was put together well. And they gave us 2 $25 gift certificates to return... so I just might have to.

45 Tudor City Place

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