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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cafe Andalucia

I organized this month's office happy hour here. Normally the deals extend only briefly until 6, but they agreed to extend it until 7 for our group. The drink specials are definitely what make this place worth going to after work. Yuengling is $2.50, well drinks are $4, mojitos $6, and half pitchers of a pretty decent sangria are $10 and serve about 3 glasses. They took the time to muddle the fruit for the sangria. The bartender chick with really long hair was sweet and Guillermo and his friend were also fun to chat with. The tapas menu is a little pricey for the portions. I shared a $10 shrimp in green sauce which came with a few pieces of nice garlic bread. Though there weren't enough shrimp, they were surprisingly fresh and in a very tasty garlicy sauce. I think to get good service here you need to chat it up with the staff. They might not realize they are a dive, but its loveable if you embrace it for the divey tapas bar that it is.

533 9th Ave

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