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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chef Yu: Singapore Sling?

Great for lunch or happy hour in a nice space if you are in the area. The design makes the place feel swankier than it is when you consider the good deals they have, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The happy hour is a sweet ass deal, and great for a group if you can get there kinda early. Its from 4-7 with drinks at $3.50 and $4. They have a long list of old-school drinks you don't see around much anymore, like a singapore sling. Some drinks are weaker than others, however, and some come in very small glasses.

I've also taken some of my coworkers there for lunch. Reservations were necessary- we had a group of 10. The service was really fast. We all got decent lunches; the lunch specials come with rice, salad, mini spring rolls and your entree for about $7.
The restaurant claims that their food is more authentic than it actually is, butttt its still enjoyable and it is a good value

520 8th Ave

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