[yiddish] To eat like an animal, i.e., quickly, noisily, and in great quantity.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I was planning on putting our names down and going to Sapporo to wait but we got a table right away on a Friday night at 8:30, I was so not expecting that. I'm sure if we were more than 2 people that would not have been the case.
We had a blast here! Do not order the vinegar drinks, I have no idea why I did, it tasted like vinegar... The plum sour is delish though.
The deep fried octopus special was a favorite, as was the fatty pork. Eggplant was not impressive and we tried many skewers that were just ok. I tried uni for the first time and enjoyed it.
Somehow I ended up spending a lot more than I intended.
Food is 3 stars but the variety, experience, and cheap drinks are more like 4.
I want to go back to drink more and order differently.

152 W 49th St

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