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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Le Cirque: Ladies who lunch

We totally cheaped it up and didn't order anything extra with our restaurant week lunch and they still treated us respectfully. The space is just a teeny tiny almost a smidge bit tacky... I do love that the gents must wear jackets, I wore one too just for fun. Its not stuffy, its classy.
The sour dough-ish bread is great. The shrimp appetizer was a bit salty, but I enjoyed the match with carrots. Even though I CANNOT eat grapefruit (vom vom vom), I chose the scallop with hazelnut and grapefruit and pushed the bitter nastiness aside. I really enjoyed the dill, hazelnut, and sunchoke combo. The scallops were pretty good. The creme brulee had the perfect amount of sweetness, but it really could have been warmer. I liked my friends chocolate cake and tart sorbet. I think restaurant week is a great time to go, just so you can say you have been. I left satisfied and more full that I thought I would be.

151 E 58th St

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