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Thursday, June 4, 2009

two new Flushing foods: Mutton Dumplings and Taro Balls

My friend Cynthia is a huge mutton fan, and I remembered that Best Northern Dumpling offered mutton dumplings on their menu- we had to check them out. Having tried the "aquatic" and the pork and fennel (which was actually dill when we had them), I was ready to try something very different, something I haven't seen on other menus. The meat was subtle and a nice alternative to all the pork dumplings that dominate most menus.

135-08 Roosevelt Ave

I stopped at New Super Snack intending to pick up a bottle of water but I stayed when I saw trays of fried barely identifiable goodies. I went with the fried taro veggie balls- 2 of them cost 75 cents. I loved the flavor and they were small enough that I didn't feel guilty about the fried factor.

41st rd across from sun may bakery

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