[yiddish] To eat like an animal, i.e., quickly, noisily, and in great quantity.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pre made Turnip Cake at home

Whether at dim sum or from a hole in the wall vender, turnip cake has that comforting combination of savory mush with contrasting crispy exterior. Although there are recipes to make it at home from scratch, my family has always preferred to buy the pre made package available at Asian grocers. For a few dollars, you can enjoy the goodness at home with minimal hassle.

You just need to slice it and throw it on a pan with a little oil. Unfortunately the first pan I used was crappy and not a non-stick so that resulted in no outer crisping and major stickage to the pan.

bad pan= fail

Luckily, I found a griddle top in my kitchen and used that for the second batch.

Ok now we are getting somewhere.

Throw on some scallions and okinamiyaki sauce from the fridge along with bok choy sauteed with scallion, garlic, shallot, mirin, and topped with a vinegar, chili oil, and sesame oil. Its healthy, easy, and really cheap, with enough leftovers for my lunch today.


  1. yummy. one of my favorite all time foods. Your second try turned out fantastic! I can never get it so crispy like it is in the picture! yay!

  2. That's pretty amazing.

    I bet a cast-iron would work well for these, since they conduct heat very well. They also become naturally non-stick through use.

  3. I use that same brand. I like the taro cake version better!