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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kosher Truck has Schnitzel

I intended to go somewhere else for lunch but the appearance of a new truck changed my plans. On 9th Ave between 33 and 32nd St Brucha Caterer parks its "Sub on Wheels" serving up a long list of sandwiches, platters, and side dishes.

I ordered the chicken schnitzel, which was listed as costing $7.75 but they charged me under $7 and had it ready for me quickly. It was really really large, half filled me up. The sandwich came with huge strips of juicy breaded chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, Russian dressing and a pickle. What makes this sandwich different from all other sandwiches? Its the pickle. They insert a real full sour pickle, none of this half ass half sour or sweet or sandwich style cucumber that is usually found inside sandwiches or burgers. I take pickles very seriously, ask anyone, and a find like this makes me very happy. All pickles aside, this is a schnitzel worth getting.

The home style Jew sides include potato kugel, kishka (if you are adventurous), chulent (on Thursdays), and whatever beautiful thing a pastrami egg roll is.

The completely kosher truck has been around for over a month and is open Monday through Thursday from 1130-4.

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