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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Make your own Porchetta Sandwich with Esposito's and Sarcone's

Esposito's has been selling their porchetta from a tiny store front for years. I had no idea what to expect, and was not even sure I was in the right place; it did not exactly look like a place that was open and ready to sell me some meat. But, through the red door we went and they were so ready. Esposito's sells huge whole porchetta pigs which would be a pretty impressive addition to any party.

We were here to get some serious sandwich material. We picked up a pound of sliced porchetta for $9 and half a pound of sliced provolone, they also sell roast beef for $10 a pound, both come with gravy. The guy working there saw how excited we were at his products and gave us a tour. I probably would have cried if I had forgotten my camera.

The inside of the freezer is filled with vats of chopped garlic, and then there are these beauties- already covered in the garlic and rosemary and ready for their 8 hour spa treatment in the oven.

"hey, sup?"

That was the pig head, staring right at us, from deep inside the super old oven.

Here is our sandwich recipe in photo form (it feeds about 4 people):

pound of sliced porchetta and 1/2 pound provolone

plus a loaf of Sarcone's bread

= one of the best sandwiches you can get in Philly

1627 S. 10th Street


  1. Whoa, that place look really good, in a "Lord of the Flies" kinda way.

  2. gooooddddd, espositos!! there is actually a puddle of drool next to my keyboard. it's places like this that make me really miss philly. and the bread - you just can't get bread for sandwiches in nyc like you do in philly. you really just can not.

  3. one of the best tells of a great deli is paper wrapping with their name on it. Someone it always tastes better