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Friday, October 23, 2009

Taste of Philly!

Wendesday's Taste of Philly was a great time.

(Thank you to the Phillies for causing a diversion and limiting the attendees; the lines were minimal, it was the perfect sized crowd)

Drinks were more than plentiful, Victory brewing provided 3 beers, including Golden Monkey, which went well with pretty much all the food.

For favorite food item of the night, our group consensus went for the oysters at Snocky's.

Which is kinda not fair, because you can't possibly go wrong with fresh briny raw oysters.

My second favorite dish and one of the more impressive drinks came from Mango Moon, in Manayunk. They offered their tea infused gin and a house made sausage that was one of the more flavorful bites of the night. I was very impressed and their actual menu has so many tasty and creative plates that make them stand out from the standard Thai restaurant.

I was surprised at how good the Tir Ni Nog's risotto was, theirs included crab
and white truffle.

They also provided an ice luge for shots. How thoughtful!

Kibbitz Room sliced up their signature corned beef and had a whole tray of pickles.

I have been meaning to check out Tastee D's. I could not for the life of me hear what the name of the dish they served was called, it was kind of like a tasty tamale though and I liked it.

Instead of your typical bar wings, Monk's got a little funky and dished out frog's legs with whipped cream cheese and gorgonzola.

Prive did a trio of spreads;
the garlicky tzatziki was most notable.

The JNA Institute of Culinary Arts put out a tasty bite of duck confit; I found out they do a $25, 4 -course prix fixe (and I heard students can get 20% off), with the sample menu they displayed, this is an amazing price for what you get.

Bebe's BBQ cooked their pork for 16 hours for us and topped with either a vinegar or tomato based sauce.
The Swift Half's version of a Bloody Mary was so refreshing and spicy, I loved it. And I am glad I got to their bacon fudge before it ran out. The drink and small bite has me intrigued about this place.

Archedream for Humankind provided the trippy entertainment that looked like this...

Thanks Philadelphia Weekly, for entertaining me and getting me both full and tipsy on a Wednesday night! I look forward to it next year.

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