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Monday, July 16, 2012

I Can Craft: Shrink Plastic Chevron Tribal Necklace

I enjoy crafts as much as the next girl, but I am really bad at making straight lines and things like that. It is always a great feeling when I find a craft I can actually handle.

I just found out that you can make glass-like pendant jewelry out of shrinky dinks (I guess my mom deprived us as a child, because I don't remember ever playing with these) AND that shrinky dink material can be free! All you have to do is put on your best smile and ask your local deli for a sandwich box. It has to be the flimsy plastic kind that has the number 6 on it.

The possibilities are endless, people!

The Full Set of Supplies:
Set of 8 Sharpies - $8 from drugstore
Single hole punch- $1.50 from local dollar store
Ugly necklace whose chain I used- $1 from local dollar store
Stencil Set- $1.20 from local dollar store
Plastic Sandwich box- free
Scissors, Oven, Wax Paper- courtesy of my house 

Draw something cool on the flat part and color it, cut it out, punch holes, bake on wax paper in a preheated over for about 30 seconds and immediately flatten it down with a wet towel. I messed a few up by not flattening fast enough so I ended up sticking my hand in the oven to make sure I really flattened it before it hardened, but maybe I shouldn't do that....

The dollar store is key for keeping the cost down.  Once you get the basic supplies you can make so many necklaces; the only materials you will need to keep buying are the chains. Or you can really keep using the same chain, just adjusting the pendants you make on it. That means an endless supply of necklaces to match every outfit for about $10.

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