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Monday, April 6, 2009

Dovetail: Supper Suppa

Dovetail's Sunday Suppa was really close to perfection. Easy to get to from the C train, and right around the corner from Shake Shack. The space is romantic but not distracting. We started with cocktails in the little bar area: a nicely prepared Manhattan and a lemon basil fizzy cocktail for me. They started us with cheesy cornbread that I liked very much and an amuse of salmon wrapped horseradish pannacotta. Even though I hate salmon, I liked this little bite, especially the creaminess with the spicy kick added. For my suppa app I ordered the gnocchi w short rib ragu and hot damn was it banging. The gnocchi were incredibly soft with a slight crunch to the outside. The ragu held its own and added a balanced meaty flavor. The beef tartare appetizer... well lets pause for a second, beef tartare conceptually is a little scary, at least carpaccio is nice and sliced for you so you don't have to stare at a lump of raw meat... anyway, I tried it and I wanted more and the slaw and candied kumquats were unexpected matches for it.
For the main I went with the duck goulash. My only criticism is that the cavetelli in it were undercooked, very unfortunate because it would have been perfect if that were not the case. The flavor of the goulash was bold and I couldn't even put my finger on what the hell they made it with. This was probably one of the only times that I could not come close to finishing my meal in a prix fix setting- the portions are usually small enough that even little me can dispose of all they place in front of me. Not the case; I got a doggy bag and they are so classy and clever that they gave me a coat room style ticket so I wouldn't have to be bothered with it and I could pick it up at the end of my meal. We had an excellent bottle of wine that the serious sommelier lady helped us choose. The butterscotch pudding with bbq chip somehow worked for the dessert course. Unfortunately I was barely able to make a dent in my chocolate mousse (balanced out by orange marmalade thing)- I felt like a criminal letting all that dense gooey chocolatyness go to waste, but what could I do, I needed to fit in my little dress. I should not have eaten that second helping of corn bread.

The Sunday night deal is well worth it. Despite very overlookable snafoos like a missing bread plate, the service was top notch. I felt they treated me like the classy broad that I am. They even sent us on our way with little containers of peanut butter granola.

103 W 77th St

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