[yiddish] To eat like an animal, i.e., quickly, noisily, and in great quantity.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Pepper: Feel the burn

Down the stairs we went, following the peppers in the window. Our waiter boasted of the chefs talents and of the braised fish dish that had been written up in the NY Times. He was not wrong. The flakey swai fish was amazing in a fiery pot of broth. We also ordered the wood ear mushrooms and pork. I would also highly recommend this dish, the funky looking mushrooms and pork came together with layered flavors and a kick of spice. The kitchen did a good job at toning down the spice for us, though there was enough to provide that szechuan mouth burn.

Note: they are moving in 3 months to 18-24 College Point Blvd
bigger location apparently, but that will be a big loss for this neighborhood

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