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Monday, April 6, 2009

Where you should NOT eat/drink

So many negative reviews are due to one bad event that went down... this would fall into that category if it wasn't for the fact that it sucked so hard on its own anyway. So overcrowded and unpleasant. Stopped by on a Saturday night for a friend's birthday party and there was a major line. Luckily some employee decided he liked my friend and I and let us cut the line AND my first drink was very decent- you would think that would be a good start. Then it got ugly. After waiting for a completely unacceptable amount of time for my second drink, poured by a different bartender, I discovered it had about a teaspoon of rum in it and I complained about it (something I never ever do) The greasy, tattooed bartender who poured it ignored me and the nice bartender who actually knows how to pour a drink noticed my plight and came over to add some much needed rum to my drink. At this point the grosso bartender SLAPPED the nice bartenders hand away, spilling the rum on my hand instead of in my lonely drink or thirsty mouth. I left immediately. You should def go there if you heart waiting for weak drinks, and enjoy sub-par crowded sausage fests.
56 Greenwich Ave

Ming's Restaurant
Terrible, not even worth the measly 5 dollars for lunch. They use cuts of meat that your pet shouldn't eat. Maybe, if desperate, I would come for a hot and sour or egg drop soup.
413 Ninth Avenue

Brazil Grill
We should have known better. Did the ayce churrascaria and most of the meat was badly overcooked. The salad bar was pitiful. It felt pretty lame to be one of two parties in the entire lower level. The french fries were maybe the best thing served. There was one crispy pork thing that was good. The caipirinhas are delicious but it is not as worth it when full priced. The boys in my party were not happy with the pauses between meat service. Hello, green means go. Not worth it folks, except maybe for a happy hour caipirinha.
787 8th Ave

Meson Sevilla
Cute place, good service, but not authentic at all. I knew the food was not going to be anything like that in Spain from the moment we arrived and they put down bruschetta and called it pan con tomate. The patatas bravas tasted alright but really wasn't anything special. The sangria was definitely drinkable and a good deal at $25 a pitcher, but had no fruit whatsoever and way too much ice. I was really disapointed by the paella, it did not have much flavor and the rice had none of the texture that makes the dish unique. I am guessing yellow coloring was used in place of saffron. Oh, well.
344 W 46th St

Tout Va Bien
I was really hoping to love this place and agree with the claims of its "hidden gem"ness but thats not what went down. I ordered a french martini and got a cosmo. We asked for an appropriate wine with dinner and were told that we should try this hard to find French red. It had clearly been in the refrigerator and we spent the dinner caressing the bottle and our glasses to get it to the appropriate temperature. Fail. Don't recommend a wine and then not serve it properly. It would have been really delicious otherwise. The escargot app was 50% garlic, but enjoyable due to the intense flavor. I ordered the beef stew which was strangely served with pasta. It would have been much more appropriate to serve it with potatoes or another veggie. The flavor and texture of the meat was pretty good. The steak entree was not cooked particularly nicely, but it had a lovely sauce. The tarte tatin dessert special was very good. Although the place isn't outrageously expensive, the food isn't really worth it. And when spending money on a nice wine, its a huge disappointment if you can't enjoy it. On the positive side, the place itself is cute and our waiter was sweet and funny and gave us a complimentary glass of champagne with the bill. Free things usually win me over, so its a good indicator if even a free drink didn't do it for me. Oh and after adding a lot of salt, the fries were damn good.
311 W 51st St Frnt

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