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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bamboo 52

1st visit for early office happy hour:
The happy hour is worth all the stars in the sky. These are serious cocktails! They have a great selection of drinks with tempting ingredients all for $4 or $5. I loved my geisha mojito and basil pear martini. The food was decent enough, I shared a shrimp tempura roll. I took my office here for our inauguration happy hour celebration very early on a weeknight. The service was great- Steve really put effort into taking care of us. We decided to go for the giant flaming volcano bowl (yea you wish your office is this sweet) which was a bowl of a lot of rum and fruit and a flaming 151 shot in the middle. It was strong and fun, although the happy hour drinks are more economical.
Its a very cute spot and we all look forward to the outdoor space in the spring. Actually, I plan on taking my sister back here tonight- its that good.

2nd visit at a more prime time hour:
2nd time around at a much busier time the quality of drink and service were definitely not as good. The wait for a table was not bad at all. But the basil pear martini did not taste anything like the delicious one I had while the place was empty and the bathroom line was a bit of an issue. I did learn that other drinks off the cocktail menu were also half off, including shots and $4 jack and cokes, which is nice. I also learned about severe sake hangovers and that they are really not fun at all. It is still a good happy hour, get there early if you want your cocktails to be tastier.

344 W 52nd St

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