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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Corner 28 Peking Duck Sandwich Stall

If you are in Flushing and can find the place on the corner, it is worth it to pick a few up- they are also still tasty when you get home. The duck itself is crispy and full of flavor and the (hoisin?) sauce and pancake wrapper go perfectly. Its simply standard delicious peking duck preperation, as you would expect in any restaurant, but in affordable portions. And street food is always more fun! Prices were 75 cents back in the day but they are 1 dolla now.

Next door I got a serving of tasty pork rice noodle for $1.50 that they made fresh as we were waiting. They are now also doing random skewers. We tried the squid skewer, which was rather terrifying in appearance, decent in flavor- would not get it again unless attempting to freak out friends. Inside the is a restaurant that we have not frequented though there is an additional line to pick up portions of roasted items, like pork.

Main Street and 40th Road

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