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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ninth Avenue Vintner

This place has everything that is delicious in the world. 5 stars purely for the beer, cheese, and food store on the right side bc I think the wine store is a little pricey.

They have an amazing beer selection with 10% off when you buy 6. Its worth it to pick up the fancy beers considering what they would charge for them at a bar.

The back area where they serve food is a little like Narnia. You make your way through the aisle of beer and cheese and suddenly you find yourself in a land where moderately priced gorgeous sandwiches filled with the freshest ingredients await you. Take a cold bottle of beer and they will pour it for you, or go for a glass of wine. They throw in some nuts and dried fruit to accompany your sandwich or pannini. It is perfect for a casual meal that is healthy and delicious in an unexpected environment.

669 9th Ave

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