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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mooncake Foods

Opening week:
I enjoyed the Soho location and was thrilled when I found out a location was opening up a few blocks from my office.
The space isn't as charming (at least as of now) as the one in Soho, but it is certainly bigger.
The portions were really generous, with many sandwiches,salads, and platers costing under $9.
My coworkers and I enjoyed the miso glazed salmon, lemon grass shrimp, and the braised beef shins. My beef shins were cooked perfectly, but they could have used a slightly stronger flavor. Most items come with rice and salad. We noted that similar, less tasty dishes would cost around 5 dollars more at any diner.
For $4 you can get a pot of tea for the table that they keep refilling.
They also deliver. Great addition for those who work and lunch near Penn Station.

Repeat visit notes:
Went back for lunch and shared the octopus with spinach noodles and the pulled pork. They were both prepared very nicely and had a lot of flavor. The spinach noodles are surprisingly addicting. This place is so great at having healthy, delicious dishes. The people who work here are so sweet. I am lucky to work so close to here and am so-far successfully converting my colleagues to be Mooncake food lunch time go-ers instead of heading to the diner.

263 W 30th St

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