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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flushing Mall

I love the Flushing Mall. You can spend hours here. Its clearly not a typical mall and its not really a place to do heavy shopping. If you are Asian, you can come here and enjoy things you may be used to, all wrapped up in one location- if you are a whitey, like me, its an adventureland of wonderment and deliciousness.

Shopping: There are about 2 cute clothing shops on the ground level that on occasion have amazing sales. Granted, 88% of the sale items are shiteous, but if you dig, you can find some great one- of -a- kind steals. Also it helps if you are smaller sized. There is an adorable store on the second level that sells novelty items like tissue box holders in the shape of anime poop.

Activities: There are some holistic ways to pass the time here. Tiny store fronts offer massages beds or actual massages in the sketchiest of settings. I tried cupping for 15 minutes, which was $15. If you are brave enough and into painful back massages, like myself, you may want to check it out. Voice your opinion if it gets too hard, I made the mistake of not doing this and it was pretty painful; the giant round hickys on my back will most likely be there a week from now. I surprisingly don't regret it though. I do warn you in advance - this is not a spa experience.

Food: This is the main draw. Fattytastic hand drawn duck noodle soup for $5, and you can actually watch the noodles being made. Fresh fruit shakes and juices. Homemade dumplings- I recommend pork and leek. Its just a blur of cheap yummy greasy food. At one stand they make a salt and pepper squid that is amazing and under $4. You can get tokayaki- which are good but they are not consistently great. Dumanjoo is kinda pricey for how many you get- ask for a sample of a damaged one instead. Next to it is a stand with popped rice cakes like the ones from Stew Leonard's that are worth picking up, they give you a good deal for 3 packs.

133-31 39th Ave

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