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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Uncle Nick's Greek Cuisine: Where is my lemonade?

The good thing about Uncle Nicks is there is ample space for a big group to go during lunch, that is often hard to find in the area. We reserved a table and were seated in their mezzanine level, which worked out well for us. The menu has a lot of options. I wasn't up for getting a big platter so I ordered a beef souvlaki sandwich for $5. The sauce and pita were nice but there was not enough meat AND the meat was too tough anyway. My coworkers appeared to enjoy the mousaka, spinach pie, and massive salads. They did not serve lemonade- what greek restaurant doesn't serve lemonade? Greek restaurants are maybe the only places where I would order lemonade, grrr. My main complaint though is that it took 3 times longer to wait for the food than it took me to eat it!

382 8th Ave.

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