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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Orso Restaurant

Also had a great time. We got a pizza appetizer, which was very good. I think I pissed the chefs off, forgetting they don't substitutions, hopefully they didn't remove the arugula and switch it with spit. For the main course I had the pappardelle with wild boar ragout. I was wildly impressed with the home made pasta; it was so wide and smooth and felt absolutely amazing in my mouth.

The service here is good... but a little strange, its hard to put my finger on it. Everyone is maybe too friendly- pulling your table out when its not always necessary, too many people greeting at the door, I don't know... Also a little on the pricey side, but it is restaurant row. Still, its a really great restaurant for all times of day.

Had a lovely sunday brunch here. The place is kind of hidden, so look out for the stairs and tiny sign. The bubbly waitress encouraged us to break bread over the table and make a mess. Cute, but trying the white bean dip was made more difficult without bread plates. I had the grilled pugliese bread with poached egg, prosciutto, and fontina with a white wine sauce. I thought it was amazing and the epitome of the perfect brunch item. I am not a scrambled egg or omelet lover and tend not to go out for breakfast or brunch too often. I loved the way the crispy bread soaked up all the flavors. It was not at all weird that there was a shallot-white wine sauce on my brunch plate. Others ordered the frittata and the salmon and were happy with them. The dishware is adorable. Am looking forward to returning for dinner.

322 W 46th Street

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