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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Menchanko Tei: Big Slurps

Good ramen, worth going back. Exactly the carbs I needed as a post Passover meal.

Very quick with the ramen to-go orders. The half portion size is a nice option and leaves room for ordering other things. The regular size can last me two meals. The ginger in the hakata ramen was overpowering/distracting. I really enjoyed the noodle texture though. I was not really impressed with the quality of the takoyaki, although its nice they have that on the menu and maybe worth ordering if you have never eaten it. The dessert menu looks tasty and well priced, maybe I will try the panna cotta next time.

update: tried the panna cotta, it was tasty and home made and though listed as having strawberry puree on top, it was definitely rhubarb which is ever better

also tried the shoyu ramen which was good and much better if you add vinegar. hakata is my preference though.

43 W 55th S

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