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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gala Manor

One of my favorite parts of this Gala Manor, especially when bringing guests, is the option of entering through the almost empty mall, going up in the elevator, and having the elevator open up to the restaurant. I usually arrive after the dim sum rush, around 1 and have never had to wait. The dim sum here is great, if you know what do order. There is one dumpling that seems to be stuffed with frozen corn and peas, so avoid that one.The leek dumplings, shu mai, har gaw, shrimp wrapper things, congee, fried calamari, are delicious. They once served seashell stuffed with an egg seafood mix- different and amazing. Occasionally the dishes won't be hot enough (like the fried calamari w sesame (which happens to be one of my favorite dim sum dishes/favorite preparation of calamari[or is it octopus?]))- sometimes you can ask to get a fresh plate of it... if anyone can understand you.

Also they do actually have several private parking lots- just look for the signs. This is extremely convenient when driving into Flushing.

3702 Main St

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