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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweet N Tart

So the owner recently went to China and got inspired. He updated the decor and menu and its pretty bangin. I loved the old Sweet n Tart. I wouldn't say the new Sweet n Tart is way way better, but its certainly different. Foi gras dumplings? Now we are getting fancy. We had perfectly grilled shrimp on sugarcane sticks. We ordered some delicious wontons and dumplings. They now have a selection of toasts, we had one that was covered in what tasted like coconut condensed milk- so simple, so delicious as a dessert. They now have a full mocktail bar. Besides the basic bubble tea varieties they have fresh fruit mixed cocktails for around 5 dollars- I was jonesing for a shot of rum in my gingery peach drink. I kinda miss the hand scrawled signs on the walls of the daily specials though.

136-11 38th Ave

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